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Politicizing judicial appointments could endanger democracy in Ontario

Political theorist David Moscrop recently criticized #Ontario Premier Doug Ford in a TVO article for politicizing the judicial appointment process by appointing two former staffers and registered lobbyists to the Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee (#JAAC), threatening democracy and judicial independence. Doug Ford admitted to appointing like-minded individuals to the committee, indicating his preference for tough judges to strengthen punishment for criminals.

Moscrop believes such actions deviate from Ontario's traditions, turning the judicial system into a partisan tool and endangering public trust, as well as setting a dangerous precedent for future governments. Moscrop advocates for the preservation of a non-partisan judicial appointment process, emphasizing its importance in maintaining judicial independence.

Personally, I believe maintaining judicial independence is crucial. The decision of many immigrants to start a new life in #Canada is largely influenced by their alignment with Canada's core values, among which judicial independence is a key component.

時事評論員 David Moscrop 日前在 TVO 撰文批評安省省長 Doug Ford 政治化司法任命程序,任命兩位前幕僚為司法任命諮詢委員會成員,威脅民主及司法獨立。Doug Ford 承認向委員會任命想法相似的人,指其偏好嚴厲的法官以加強對罪犯的懲罰。

Moscrop 認為此等做法背離安省傳統,將司法系統當成黨派工具,危及公眾對其信任,並為未來政府開啟危險先例。Moscrop 主張保留非黨派的司法任命程序,強調其對維護司法獨立至關重要。


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