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Get to know Shun Hang better

Shun Hang To, a determined and passionate individual, embarked on his journey to Toronto from Hong Kong in 2021. With a commitment to social justice and civic engagement, he is currently pursuing studies in public policy and administration. Shun Hang draws inspiration from the warmth and friendliness of Torontonians, which has fueled his desire to give back to the community and effect positive change.

As a local activist in Toronto, Shun Hang's focus in promoting public transit and multiculturalism within the city. As a low-income student and shift worker, he heavily relies on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) as his primary mode of transportation. This firsthand experience has underscored the crucial need for an accessible and dependable transit system that serves all residents. To further this cause, Shun Hang is now a dedicated board member of the transit advocacy group, TTCRiders.

Shun Hang has also co-founded and co-chairs the volunteer organization "V Hongkongers." This initiative serves to connect Hong Kong new immigrants with the local community through various volunteer services. It not only facilitates the integration of newcomers into Toronto's diverse tapestry but also fosters cross-cultural understanding.

Beyond his activism and volunteerism, Shun Hang actively advocates for the Toronto Downtown East community. His track record includes representing the Moss Park communities in town hall meetings, advocating for safer and more accessible walkways. Shun Hang is eager to collaborate with like-minded individuals, community groups, and organizations to drive positive change and improve the accessibility, inclusiveness, and affordability of Toronto's downtown area.

If you share Shun Hang's vision for a more vibrant and inclusive downtown Toronto, he welcomes you to join him in his mission. Let's come together and build a stronger community for everyone.



Make sure that every Torontonian, regardless of physical ability, income, or language skills, can easily access city services. Build a strong public transit system that allows residents to reach every part of the city easily.


Ensure that all Torontonians can comfortably afford necessities like housing, food, and children's programs. Preventing residents from being compelled to leave their communities due to the increasing cost of living.


Eliminate hate and racism in Toronto, creating a welcoming environment for everyone to participate and engage in the communities.



I commit to taking responsibility for my decisions and actions.


I pledge to actively empathize with and understand the feelings and experiences of every member of our community.


I am dedicated to showing respect to every individual, regardless of their opinions, cultural backgrounds, or religious beliefs. 


I will work tirelessly to provide transparent access to information when utilizing public resources. 



Strengthening Public Transit in Toronto

Advocating for a robust and accessible public transit network in Toronto, working to improve and expand the public transit system to serve the needs of all Torontonians efficiently.



Fostering Multiculturalism and Eradicating Racism and Discrimination

Promoting multiculturalism and actively combatting racism and discrimination within our city, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone is treated with respect.



Engaging Newcomers in Becoming Informed and Engaged Torontonians

Assisting newcomers in becoming knowledgeable and fully engaged members of our Toronto community, providing resources and support to ensure active participation in our vibrant city.

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Advocating for an Affordable Toronto

Passionately advocating for an affordable Toronto, working to create conditions that allow people to live in the communities they love without financial burden, making our city more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.



Building a Sustainable Toronto through Green and Public Spaces

Collaborating to create a sustainable Toronto by advocating for green and public spaces as essential public goods, ensuring a greener and more vibrant city.



Striving for True Reconciliation with Indigenous and Marginalized Communities

Efforts to achieve genuine reconciliation with Indigenous and marginalized communities through education on the history of colonization and by providing activities to reflect on and address systemic racism

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