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Beyond Transit: Addressing Homelessness and Fostering Inclusivity on the TTC

I recently read an article in the immigrant community about the increasing number of homeless individuals on the #TTC.

In my opinion, no one should resort to using the TTC as a shelter, everyone deserves access to secure and dignified accommodation. The pressing issue for City of Toronto and other level of governments are to build enough affordable housing and safe shelters. In a city known for its diversity and inclusivity, we should also not tolerate any form of hate and harassment on the TTC or elsewhere.

I encourage community members to join organizations like @ttcriders, strengthening our call for a better transit experience for all. Together, we can transform our city’s transit system into a safe and welcoming space for all riders.

我最近在 看到一篇文章,有關在 TTC 上無家者數量增加的情況。

我認為,任何人都不應依賴 TTC 作為庇護所,無家者需要的是有尊嚴地住進安全的庇護所。多倫多市及其餘層級政府的當務之急是要興建足夠可負擔的住屋及安全的庇護所。身處以多元和包容著稱的城市,我們亦不應在 TTC 或其他地方容忍任何形式的仇恨和騷擾。

我鼓勵社區成員加入 TTCRiders 等組織,一同爭取將 TTC 轉變為所有乘客都會感到安全、舒適和方便的公共交通系統。

Link to the article that I read:

Photo credit: Damian Baranowski

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