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House of Commons Unanimously Backed Bill to Ban Replacement Workers in Federal Workplaces during Strikes

Bill C-58's passage, banning replacement workers in federal workplaces during strikes, is not just a legal milestone but a heartfelt tribute to our society's backbone. Their service is indispensable, making our daily lives smoother and more comfortable.

This legislation is a step towards recognizing their value by fighting for a fairer and more respectful labour environment, ensuring their rights and contributions are honored. It's now crucial for lawmakers to act swiftly, bringing immediate improvements to the workers who make our everyday life possible. 禁止罷工期間使用替代工人法案的通過,不僅是對基層員工價值的肯定,亦凸顯他們對我們日常生活的順暢與舒適不可替代的貢獻。我們致力爭取一個更公平的勞動環境,確保基層員工的權益得到尊重和保障。

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