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Your Invitation to Impact Newcomer Youth with Toronto Youth Cabinet

🌟 Join the Toronto Youth Cabinet @toyouthcabinet (TYC) and be part of shaping a brighter future for Toronto’s youth! 🌈 Established in 1998, TYC is a non-partisan organization advocating for equitable, accessible, and youth-friendly policies. 🤝

I am grateful for the ongoing support from the City of Toronto, empowering youths to create positive change for young people. 🏙️

🌍 Are you passionate about fostering integration, civic participation, and success for newcomer youth in our vibrant city? 🤔💼 The Newcomer Working Group is now recruiting members! 🌟

🤝 Join us in building a welcoming community for newcomers! Together, we can make Toronto an even better place for everyone. 🌆

✨ Apply now for the Newcomer Working Group and be a part of something meaningful. Your voice matters! 📢👥

Let’s create a city where every voice is heard and every newcomer feels at home! 🏡✨

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