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Uber Claims Driver Hourly Wage of $33.35, Report Reveals Potential Lows to $6.37

Yesterday, the RideFair Coalition held a press conference, where I, as a representative of TTCRiders @ttcriders , along with other members of the RideFair Coalition, as well as labour critic MPP Jamie West @jamiewestndp , and MPP Jessica Bell @jessicabell.ndp , attended the event to show our support for the organization and for workers in the ride-hailing industry.

Uber claims that its drivers earn an hourly wage of $33.35, but this statement lacks fairness. According to the "Legislated Poverty" report by the RideFair Coalition, when taking into account the time drivers spend waiting for passengers and their operational costs, the actual median hourly wage for ride-hailing drivers falls to as low as $6.37, far below Ontario's minimum wage of $16.55. Ride-hailing drivers in Toronto lose approximately $200 million in income annually due to this. This phenomenon stems from the rise of the gig economy, especially the ride-hailing industry. However, under current legislation, ride-hailing drivers are not considered employees, resulting in them not being protected by Ontario's Employment Standards Act and lacking rights to minimum wage and paid leave. Once drivers fall ill and cannot work, they instantly lose their income and struggle to continue living.

In light of this, we urge the government to intervene and ensure that workers in the ride-hailing industry are treated fairly. The government should enact legislation that clearly defines the relationship between companies and drivers in the ride-hailing industry as an employment relationship, allowing drivers to be protected by minimum wage and paid leave, among other benefits. 昨日 RideFair Coalition 舉行記者會,我作為 TTCRiders 代表,聯同其他 RideFair Coalition 成員,以及省議員 Jamie West、省議員 Jessica Bell,出席活動,展示我們對該組織,以及共享與租賃車行業(ride-hailing industry)從業員的支持。

Uber 聲稱旗下司機時薪為 $33.35,但此說法實有欠公允。根據 RideFair Coalition「Legislated Poverty」報告,如計算司機等待客人所用時間,及其運作所需成本,共享與租賃車司機實際時薪中位數低至 $6.37,遠低於安省最低工資 $16.55。多倫多共享與租賃車司機每年因此損失約 2 億元收入。此等現象正是源於散工經濟(gig economy),特別是共享與租賃車行業興起,但在現行法例下,共享與租賃車司機不被視為僱員,導致他們不受安省《僱傭標準法令》保障,無法享有最低工資及有薪假期等權利。一旦司機患病無法工作,便會頓失收入,生活無以為繼。


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