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Reflections on 'Time Still Turns The Pages': Pay Attention to Mental Health

I am delighted to share my experience attending the charity screening of ”Time Still Turns The Pages,“ an award-winning Hong Kong-produced film organized by Community Family Services of Ontario (CFSO ) and @illume_films.

”Time“ is currently being showcased in Ontario and offers a realistic portrayal of various family issues, including navigating the dynamics between men in the workplace and at home, addressing academic pressure on schoolchildren, and depicting conflicts stemming from differing attitudes towards parenting. Emphasizing the significance of mental health, the film reminds us that anyone, whether a successful professional or a silent child, may experience mental health issues.

For those in need of free counseling resources, assistance is available through CFSO. If you or someone you know is grappling with suicidal thoughts, the 988 mental health and suicide prevention support hotline service is a valuable resource. Additionally, individuals seeking social services and programs can call 211 for access to suitable support networks.

”Time Still Turns The Pages“ is more than just a film; it serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about mental health and family dynamics. It urges us to collectively work towards building a more empathetic and understanding society where the well-being of everyone is prioritized.

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