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Be Part of the Chinatown Planning Study

Toronto's Chinatown Planning Study aims to preserve the area's heritage amid development pressures and the housing crisis. Focused on Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West, the initiative seeks community input through the Chinatown Advisory Roundtables on public spaces, housing, and economic development.

Join us in shaping Chinatown's future. More details at Toronto's Chinatown Planning Study webpage: 多倫多唐人街規劃研究旨在保護該區域的文化遺產。研究聚焦於士巴丹拿道和登打士西街,透過唐人街諮詢圓桌會議徵求社區對公共空間、住屋和經濟發展的意見。詳情請瀏覽多倫多唐人街規劃研究網頁:

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